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Did you have any 2018 new years resolution? Did you get through any of them? Whats your proudest accomplishment this year? Shareeee โค๏ธ

book Review

Favoraite thing about being a reader?

How many times have books protected us from the suns direct heat while we were reading? ๐Ÿ˜‚ .. One of the many advantages of reading a book ๐Ÿ“–โค๏ธ .. Whats your favorite part of being a reader? ๐Ÿ“š


June TBR

June TBR ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ’• a few fresh picks and giving a chance to some i DNFโ€™d before. . Are any of these your June anticipated reads? Which one? If not, whats one book youโ€™re excited to pick this month? ๐Ÿ˜ . Also donโ€™t forget to comment on my last post (with pink stacks) on instagram where… Continue reading June TBR

Lets Talk!, product review

Share your blogging story ๐ŸŒธ

When did you start blogging? Do you only specifically blog for books only? Instagram: Thebooknookae