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Fandom Candles! ❤️

If you live in UAE you must know there aren’t any fandom candle making businesses here. I took the initiative and started one and obviously the first candle I thought of was a High Lord- Rhysand candle! ✨❤️ This is a tester candle for now but this scent including many more will soon be available… Continue reading Fandom Candles! ❤️

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Hey #booklovers I started reading This Savage Song by @veschwab I've heard great reviews so I have high expectations. I'm starting the book blindly I have no idea whats it about but i'm excited to find out! ❤️💃🏻 . . What are you guys currently reading? 🌸

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BLURB: Potterheads 

"Yer a wizard Harry" . . Forever a potterhead! I can never get tired of watching HP 👯Last month i took the sorting hat challenge and TADA! ~ Hufflepuff 💛🖤 . . Whats your house of pride? And which harry potter book/movie is your fav?

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Hey guy! Do any of you have twitter or Instagram? I'm an active blogger on Instagram (more than wordpress) and if you don't follow me already, please do! You can find me using @thebooknookae on both twitter and Instagram! 💜 leave your handles bellow so i can check out your accounts and leave some likes… Continue reading BLURB