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Bookish Candles! ✨

Hey guys, i’ve finally stocked candles in my shop and i would love for you all to check them out only at You all can use the code ‘FALL10’ on checkout for a 10% off on your final order (for candles only) If you like my shop please don’t forget to favorite it and I would… Continue reading Bookish Candles! ✨

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Fandom Candles! ❤️

If you live in UAE you must know there aren’t any fandom candle making businesses here. I took the initiative and started one and obviously the first candle I thought of was a High Lord- Rhysand candle! ✨❤️ This is a tester candle for now but this scent including many more will soon be available… Continue reading Fandom Candles! ❤️

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Bookish Updates

Hey fam 👋 how’s your reading going? I’ve been super busy making bookmarks at and also reading this amazing book 👆🏻😍 ADSOM got really intense when they introduced Our badass female lead - Lila Bard 😍✨I know already i’ll be getting the second part of this book for sure. . . If you’ve read #adsom… Continue reading Bookish Updates

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Where I get my BOOKMARKS from!

  Hey guys! Today i wanted to talk to you guys about my bookmark supplier. I usually get all my bookmarks from thecraftstudioae she makes amazing handmade bookmarks! make sure to click on the link to visit her etsy shop. She also takes orders through her Instagram, Just DM her and order! 🙂 I an also a… Continue reading Where I get my BOOKMARKS from!