Rudeness, ignorance & arrogance are like a thin layer of dust on a fuzzy rug. When it settles first, its barely visible, so you’re oblivious to its affects on yourself and your surroundings. It starts with someone weaker in your closed circle. Friends? Little sister? Little brother? Your child? Your partner? At first, we laugh it off – but that humor is its encouragement, its ammunition. It gives you a push do it again… because it didn’t hurt the last time you did it, right? We laughed it off!

Months pass, years even, you’ve come to a point where the dusty layer on the rug has blackened the rug. Others can see it, but you can’t. Others avoid and sometimes dread your company because of your ignorant, rude behavior. The ones closest to you ask you to STOP! You’re being so rude! You’re so badtameez! Along the road, you’ve sometimes spun out of control in regards to your elders too! Your parents/ Partner/ Siblings/ anyone closest to you are hurt, but they still have hope, they still have hope that you will become better…


The rug has become filthy, but there is always a way to cleanse it and start anew. NEVER think that if you start to make a change towards a better you, people will make fun of you or disregard you. People closest to you, who really care about you will always motivate you and support you to be a better person. Begin exactly where it all started. Start with the youngest person in your circle- Be kind to them, nothing drastic… Just a small smile can do when you see them, because when they smile back at you, your heart will flutter and that’s the first BIG little step to infinite possibilities. Offering a helping hand, asking someone how you’re doing; Baby step, literal baby steps. Lift the dust very gradually with small good deeds…


You’ve taken this into your daily routine now, it’s hard for all those rude, ignorant, arrogant feelings to manifest within you because you have a better, much positive control over yourself. Your aura is much lighter, in a better place now. And you never know how many people you’ve influenced throughout your journey to a better YOU? A simple smile you gave to a stranger, made the stranger feel so much better about their otherwise drowsy day, they might have done something positive too and passed on the vibe?

The key is to never forget that KINDNESS has a ripple effect, domino effect; You give it once to the universe, it always finds a way back to you. Always try to be KIND to other people, even if they are living with you, around you, even if you feel like they don’t need it because they seem so happy. You never know what a simple act of kindness can do. It can change a life, it can save life.

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