PUBLISHED ON 12th November 2018

Sometime last week i started watching videos of mermaid (classic, i know), while surfing through YouTube for mermaids, i stumbled upon a documentary. I watched it all and i was left petrified. Although, the mermaid stories were all fake (i believe they exist, nonetheless) i was slapped in the face by the horrific truth of sea noises and how it effects dolphins and whales. This i was truly not ready for, the content and the information was so heavy and disheartening it made me want to use this platform to speak about it. To spread at least a little if no awareness.

We all know that the ocean has become very noisy for mammals like dolphins and Whales to communicate. An average whale used to live up-to 300 years before the noise pollution took over their homes. Now an average life expectancy of a whale is just 100-50 years.

A few years ago, due to a massive sonar explosion, more than hundreds of thousands of dolphins and whales were found stranded all over the world. Experts confirmed that the sonar explosion noise was SO loud for them that it crushed many of their acoustic organs living them dead. The ones who ‘survived’ stranded themselves on the shores to relieve themselves of the excruciating pain. The whales and dolphins who washed up the shore all had bleeding eyes or ears due to the suffering. Imagine, hearing such alarming noises that you think suicide is the best way to get rid of it.

Heavy right? Well after watching such terrifying documentaries i also came across water-parks who breed these mammals in captivity. The videos showed the brutal truth of how trainers treat them- sometimes starving them due to a bad performance or sometimes living it in isolation within a tight space as punishment. These acts reduces the life expectancy of those innocent creature triple the average number.

Which brings to a confusing conclusive question. How can we stop it? How to prevent? How to help?

Their are MANY campaigns going on. Participate, share and spread awareness. Not speaking is making ZERO difference, but if your speaking even makes 1% of a difference IT COUNTS.

A few ways to help I’m aware of-

Save Marine Life Petition

4Ocean- Save a Whale

Blue Voice

Do you know of any other ways? Please share them in the comments to let us all know.


Thank you for reading, share this article and make the word a better place.


Ramsha Ahmed.

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