A Guide to- ARCs/Reviewing Copies.

PUBLISHED ON- 11th November 2018

If you’re a reader you might be aware of the thrill that comes with ADVANCED REVIEWING COPIES. Reading a sequel or a novel by one of your favorite authors BEFORE anyone else. We all know that feeling, sometimes we envy bloggers who get lucky with an advanced copy and get to share their thoughts and excitement on it.

Well here are a few tricks to get YOUR hands on these readers/reviewers copies. A quick note- E-galleys are much more easier to grab. Physical copies are bit more complex to get but NOT impossible.


Netgalley is one the best and most known sites to offer E-Galleys to readers and reviewers. Simply sign up, link your accounts (if you have any) and start requesting! Once your request is approved you will get an email to download your copy and VOILA! there you go. Read it and review it. Share your thoughts and reviews on Goodreads or any blog, social media account you might have.


Edelwiss is very similar to Netgalley. You sign up, request copies and once you get approved you start reading! Once again, make sure you SHARE, anywhere you can. Any social media account you own.


Use your ability to share. Share your thoughts, your views, what you liked and what you did not liked. This does not need to be a huge well constructed post. It can be anything, small and to the point. For a publisher and an author every review counts. They care about EACH AND EVERY review whether it be good or bad. This will help you get some exposure, fellow readers may agree with your thoughts and soon some readers may also ask you for recommendations! Plenty of publishers would want to send you copies to review after taking note of your influence.


Most well-known publishing companies have bloggers/reviewers forms. Search them up, or keep an eye out for them. Fill them up with your info and keep fingers-crossed to get approved!


Joining readers club on Goodreads can really help. Group clubs by Emma Watson- Our Shared Shelf , and many more can help you find fellow readers with similar interests, which can also be helpful to keep you up-to-date, if they get any opportunities you’ll be aware of it and may even try getting one for yourself.


These are all based on my personal experiences. Best of luck! Hope these help, if you liked what you read, please share and help spread this article around for all our fellow readers! Feel free to add anything to the comments to help everyone out.


Ramsha Ahmed.

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