How to read faster and better.

2min read | By Ramsha Ahmed

There are all sorts of reasons why a person would want to read faster. Maybe you’re a reviewer and got a huge pile of books on your TBR waiting to be read and reviewed. Or you’ve got a few days of vacations left but a whole lot of book. Or maybe its for an essay due sometime very soon. Whatever the reason, reading faster while also understanding everything is something we all crave at some point in our life.

In this article i’ll be sharing four easy tips on how to quicken your pace in reading. These tips and tricks are all based on my personal experiences. They worked for me and i hope they help you too!


It is said that your eye span is 1.5 inches long, which means you can read 9 words ahead at the same time. Utilizing this natural ability, scan your passage quickly to understand what your material is about, generally. This will be very helpful when we get to our next point, Skimming.

Skim Reading-

This is a very frequently advised method to help quicken a readers pace. Since you are already aware of your material well enough by the help of the ‘Scanning’, you won’t be slowed down by texts that are too surprising or confusing. Skim read parts of your book that describe too much of the surrounding, environmental or character development details. Read every fifth words or so and you will understand the passage just as better. Focus more on the “dialogues”, character development passages, etc.


Sub vocalization is very common among readers. However this process slows you down because this puts a reader on a speaking pace, which is known to be 300 words a minute. However, while JUST reading (without subvocalization) your eyes and brain are able to process the information much quicker. Aim to be attentive, try to minimize noises in your background, indulge in the book and don’t subvocalize.

Start Small | Practice Makes Perfect-

If you want to completely adapt the method and be a pro at reading faster then suggestively, you should practice on smaller materials. Try reading smaller passages on a newpaper, online or maybe a short story. Time your reading and try to beat it with your previous limit. Practice make perfect- if you’ve read a book/novel series, back to back, you might have noticed a quickened pace in your reading. This is because you’re mind has adapted to it and works better and better on perfecting it.

All these method are from my personal experience as a full-time reader, all of these tips and tricks are very easy to adapt and get used to. If you find any of these useful, please like, comment and share this article.

With lots of love,

Ramsha Ahmed.


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