Review: A Place For Us

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars for A Place For Us by @ffmirza and @sarahjessicaparker , and a huge thank you to @prhinternational for sending this free copy to me for review.



The story is about a family, who tries a find a place in a foreign country despite the differences. A couple who try to raise their three children in a very challenging environment. Their children who try their best to follow their parents teachings, traditions and religious views. A heartfelt story of the relationship of a father, with his daughters but mostly his beloved SON.



This story is beautifully put together, it shows how, when sometimes we try to do good for our loved ones and they dont see that way. Being the oldest sister i could understand SO many things from Hadia’s (the oldest daughter) POV. But what really broke my heart was the dad’s story towards Amar. I dont have a son or a brother. But i could feel all the feels from the sisters, fathers, mothers and even Amar him selves POV.


Let me tell you that the writing is not glazed in fancy literature. The book almost has YA feels. And that it is heavy on the heart. Specially if you are desi, because you can related to almost everything. I would highly recommend this book. Words can not do justice so i’ll stop now and let you read and decide for yourself 😅❤️


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