Review: Children of Blood & Bone

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5

The writing in this book screamed perfection. But the story not so much, I am disappointed that there was nothing new to the fantasy story. Here’s a short synopsis:

Litlle Zelie’s mom was brutally murdered in a raid to take magic away. Her mom was the greatest maji of her time. The king of Orisha ripped magic out of the country. Murdered everyone with the power and now after many years Diviners (maji people) are being crushed under the feet of the Orishan army and the brutal king. One fateful night the Gods decide to give Zelie and Diviners one last chance to restore their magic on a magical island that only appears once in a lifetime. The gods have chosen Zelie to carry out this quest. Along with her beloved brother but also two unforgiveable figures from Zelies past. Will Zelie be able to keep the past behind and help Diviners bring back what they deserve? Or will she be drowning in hatred and revenge along the way and loose her path?

My favorite character was Amari, her transformation, her innocence, her being bold, i loved everythingg! Her character development was what kept me going. Other than that i loved reading the ‘dreamscape’ moments. But, I did NOT like Inan’s confused decisions at all. And i did not like the repetition of motivational phrases by each character either, it got really annoying tbh.

I would definitely pick the second part just for Tzain, Amari and Roen. Roen omg, he comes in the last few 100 pages of the book but he reminds me so much of Nikolai from Grisha Verse! I definitely want to read more about him.

This book is a bit hefty but its a great chilled summer fantasy read, I recommend it to fans of Grisha Verse and Court Series.

Enjoy! If you’ve read the book let me know what you thought ❤

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  1. I am currently reading The Children of Blood and Bone. The jury is still out for me. The book has received so much hype, perhaps that caused me to expect more. I am reserving judgment until I finish!

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