Share your story!

Tell me your bookstagram story? What got you into reading? How did you end up on bookstagram? Who was your inspiration and first friend on this platform?


So my sister has this online used book business and i did her marketing for her and i came across blogging accounts alot and that was the best part of my day! Just scrolling through their feeds reading what they thought about a book they just read. So one day i just thought of giving it a try and… so blessed for this amazing community! Everyone was so welcoming and helpful ive made great friends here but the first one ever was @thebookierookie 🧚🏻‍♀️ There are so many people i would like mention in this post but its impossible! ‼️So tell me a genre you like and i’ll tag a bookstagrammer i know best for reviewing that specific genre 💕


Can’t wait to hear your story! Lets make this a post of inspiration and motivation for new bloggers, sprinkle bookish love everywheree!!


Also i got this cute little A5 lightbox from @namshi it has 100 characters and is operated with batteries.

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