Review: ACOFAS

A Court of Frost and Starligh

Book: A court of Frost and Starlight (Court Series novella)

Author: @therealsjmaas

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Publisher: @bloomsburypublishing



First off i want you guys to know that im a huge fan of the court series but this review is completely unbiased. Moving on, i read so many reviews prior to reading this book and all i saw was that this novella was completely unnecessary and that it had alot of ‘intimacy’.


Personally, I absolutely loved it. While reading this book i realized how much more i wanted to know about Feyre, Cassian and Azriels bonding, their level of friendship, trust and care. Also I was so hoping for a Cassian and Nesta understanding in this book. They were such a complicated duo and thank you so much SJM for going in-depth of their relationship and specially for showing us how Nesta feels and thinks after she was ‘made’. Lastly, not to worry peeps the intimacy shit is only in the last few chapters i guess and its not even that ‘bad’ as it just happens once (literally) in the entire book, (though if you’re thinking of postponing it for after Ramadan I’d suggest you do).



🌛Why read it?

If you were ever interested in exploring the inner circles bonds and wanted a detailed insight of how they felt towards each other then this is definitely your pick 🌹


🌜Why not.

Since its a novella i guess theres not much vital info that you might miss by skipping this book. But i would recommend it nonetheless.



🧐Have you read it? What were your thoughts?

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