Long Time, no see! ðŸ‘€

Hey guys! Random picture of almost everything that i use/do in a routine. Blogging, reading, packing orders, trying different things, making new products every once in a while. Everything i LOVE to do. I started my blog on 31st May so this is my anniversary month. Will be doing a huge giveaway soon so stay close! Also how many of you already read #ACOFAS? Is it in stores in UAE already? I doubt it but if you have updates let me know! ❤️


Also super sorry for not being able to interacting on many of you guys post lately! Its really hard to handle two bookstagram related accounts! Thanks to @thebookmonsterr for taking over @thecraftstudio.ae account for a while. Meanwhile ya’ll get ready to be bombarded with likes and comments from me! Also leave a comment if you need views, likes, comments, follows, shoutouts and so! 😅❤️

Also its been long since we did this and now that we have many new friends i think its time! If you have Instagram or twitter either leave your handle down below or give me a follow on my accounts @thebooknookae so i can follow back and check you out guys!

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