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Post from instagram: Thebooknookae

Yaas! First picture of my new themee 😍 the last three pictures were my idea of a theme divider #fail 😅 Hopefully this theme will stay steady because I absolutely lovee the contrast! What do you guys think about it? Are you guys more of a theme/matching feed person or do you just like to go with the flow?



Me and @thebookierookie decided to do a read along for The Woman in the Window by @ajfinnbooks , finally a thriller after so long. Check out @thebookierookie new post for a short synopsis. What are you guys currently reading?



I also wanted to thank you for the great support and response on my last post, thanks for all who commented and i made sure to visit everyones profile and leave a few likes and comments. Lets do the same on this post leave a comment below, and this time i’ll interact and give you a shoutout on my story. Let me know if you like this idea of fighting instagrams new algorithm. I personally loved it because i got to visit so many new amazing profiles 💕



¿? Soo many questions in one post 😅🤭


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