Review: Starr Lost by Kim Briggs

Book: Starr Lost

Author: @kimbriggswrite

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️/5



Things start to get intense in this book as Starr continues to seek vengeance. Starr and Christian are closer than ever but things get a bit tangly when a love triangle takes place. Along with all the love action and romance, Starr feels more than blessed to call Coda, Ben, Di, Frank and Christian her family.



I was already in love with with Christian and Starr but this book made me ship them even more! I love how they take one step at a time but even the smallest things they do for each other just makes me squeal like a little girl! 😍 I personally loved Di, i love her badass character and all the parts from her POV were just pure amaze. And omg Kim the ending, seriously? That cliffhanger made me soo furious and even though it was 2am I still picked up the third book to see how it goes! You badass Kim 😅❤️



Amazingly written, chillingly plotted, all characters are well developed and very easy to get attached to. Can’t wait to post my review on the third book! Thank you so much for sending me this amazing book @kimbriggswrite ❤️🦋

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