Book Review: Illuminae

Book: Illuminae

Author: @amiekaufmanauthor @misterkristoff

Publisher: @knopfteen

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5



This story is dated in the future, where our main character Kady is shown as a very smart hacker and coder. Everyone is living onboard highly tech spaceships. When Kerenza (ship#1) gets attacked everyone starts preparing for war. Kady’s mains focus is to save her boyfriend Ezra Mason. Along with a deadly virus theres a highly advanced crazy Artificial Intelligence. Will Kady be able to save Ezra and herself or will she loose everyone she cares about into the vast black void…



A story filled and mixed with advanced technology, artificial intelligence, love and so much more. .


Read a good book after a very long time, absolutely LOVED how crazy and weird this book was i loved how unpredictable every single page was, the writing, the concept everything was AMAZING. Already started reading Gemina, will be posting a review soon of it too so stay close guys! ❤️✨

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