First Came Forever by Annie Woods

Book: First Came Forever

Author: @anniewoodsauthor

Publisher: @pegasuspublishers

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


Story starts off with Erica on trip with her friends to see loads of historical/natural beauty but her friends get carried away. Erica decides to continue her trip by herself where she crosses paths with Sasha (our guy) she finds herself swooning over him and when she gets the same reaction from the guy she finds herself half drowned in a fairytale romance. However, Sasha has been secrets. Can Erica get over the betrayal, leave her life behind to be with him and give their love a second chance?


Alright guys, this book took me by surprise. I heard only good reviews about this book and it actually did live up to its hype 👍🏻 but woah, the plots twists and all that suspense. LOVED the romantic chemistry ✨ the only con about this book are that his name was SASHA and that it had this major cliffhanger! 😭 other than that AMAZING BOOK @anniewoodsauthor ! ❤️


Definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Contemporary, romance and YA books ✨


This book was sent to me by @anniewoodsauthor and @pegasuspublishers in exchange for an honest review.


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