Are you a GoT fan? 

Hey #booklovers ❤️ How’s august been treating you so far? I only read two books this month! 😅 i need some real motivation guys, HELP! 💀
Also, how many of y’all watch GOT? OMG it was beautiful and the ending just hurt my heart so badd!! Why you gotta do this mann??? 😭
What are your thoughts on the latest GoT episode?


  1. Omg, I couldn’t believe last week’s episode. This season has been crazy thus far. I can’t even guess what’s going to happen when they get to Kings Landing this week. The suspense is killing me though.

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  2. Equally the best and most heart-wrenching episode yet in my opinion! At the end you knew what was going to happen, fervently wished it wasn’t for the benefit of some of our favourite characters but equally my heart leapt when it did because it is going to make good TV.

    If that’s what they can pull out of the bag for the penultimate episode – I am seriously looking forward to the finale! I’m also really looking forward to the next book (I’ve read all the others twice) – but alas, greatness takes time

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  3. I love every episode and am so frickin excited for the finale, but I have to say I’m a literally frustrated by the Arya stuff. Pretty out of character it seems since she’s supposed to be a lethal super spy basically. So I hope they have a good reveal/explanation in the finale!

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