Review: The Dark Artificies (#1) Lady Midnight

Book: Dark Artifices (#1) Lady Midnight

Author: @cassieclare1 

Publisher: @simonandschuster 

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5
Lady Midnight follows the story of Emma Carstairs, not really a continuation of TMI but TMI’s last book would help you more to understand Emma’s background and how her story started.

Emma’s parents were killed during the dark war. The clave was convinced it was the work of Sebastian Morgenstern but Emma never believed that. Emma is still trying to track clues and after 5 years of her parents death, similar killings start happening again. Emma believes it is the same killer who killed her parents because the patterns and clues are similar. But this isn’t the only problem Emma has right now. She might be falling in a forbidden love. Every Shadowhunter knows it is forbidden to be in love with their parabatai.

Can she finally solve her parents murder mystery? Maybe. But how will she control her heart thats falling for her parabatai?
I’m a big shadowhunter fan so I LOVED THIS BOOK. We can see the improvement in @cassieclare1 writing style, it was very different (in a good way) and I loved how she tried to include characters from the rest of her books. Can’t wait to read Lord of Shadows but i’ve heard its left with a humongous cliff hanger so i might just wait till the next book is released (just might)

Are you a #shadowhunter fan? Which is your fav @cassieclare1 book?


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