GIVEAWAY: 500 followers

Heyy #booklovers I’d like to thank all my followers for the support they’ve shown me since i joined bookstagram and to all those who helped me reach 500 followers on Instagram! ❤️
As promised i have a giveaway for you guys. Here are the requirements:

⭐️Only UAE residents

⭐️Follow + Tag 3 booklovers + IG story for 24hours

⭐️ Comment with your HP house of pride.
What the giveaway includes:

📚 2 harry potter books ~ Harry potter and the half-blood prince (hardcover) and Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (paperback)

🔖 Your house of pride bookmark, Polyjuice potion bookmark, Platform 9/3/4 bookmark and The Marauders Map bookmark. All of which are sponsored by

⭐️ Theres one more goodie which will be a surprise!

If anyone wants to contribute to this giveaway please contact me before 20th August 🙂
Thats about it guys! The giveaway will end on 25th August. Best of luck! ❤️
Here’s the link if you’d like to enter: Thebooknookae

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