Bookish BLURB

Hey bookstagrammers! ❤️ I know August is only 2 days far but I just couldn’t keep up with the dark feed anymore 😩 so here I am back with my normal feed; flowers and all things girly.

I think everyone is busy with @booktubeathon and #YALC because bookstagram is getting awfully boring 🤦🏻‍♀️

I read #lifewealmosthad by @authorlauramiller and omg, if i had a physical copy it would be on my reread shelf already! ❤️ its a heartaching romance novel, the writing is amazing the story is amazing, the characters are amazing, BASICALLY THE BOOK IS AMAZING! ❤️ I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance novels and if your want to read something similar to #CoHo then #thelifewealmosthad is your book guys! ❤️ It’s getting published on 19th August 2017, I will be posting a review soon (yes, theres still alot i want to share about the book) make sure you pick it up! ❤️

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