Review: Starr Fall


Book: Starr Fall

Author: Kim Briggs

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


Starr is a normal teenager with a busy schedule. She does everything in her power to study hard so she can get into one of the best colleges. She hears about a test, which if she passes can get her college acceptance confirmed. The test does not turns out to be her worst decision ever. As soon as she passes her test she’s running for her life. Apparently the test is some sort of setup they had arranged for her. They’ve been monitoring her for years now and want to train to be an assassin. Starr being the normal teenager that she is can never even imagine killing a bird let alone a human. On the run she is accompanied by her school crush Christian who vows to keep her safe, Starr is overwhelmed by the situation she is in and makes it her life goal to make the organization to pay for what they’ve done to her. To only good thing that came out of this entire situation was that she and Christian fell in love. But that scares her, because he is the most dearest thing she holds as of now and she is afraid if the organization finds that they will use it to their advantage.

What can i say about this book? Im a sucker for romance and the craving romance in this book had me hooked! I read it all in one go! 💜 i loved how sassy Starr’s character is, she assesses every situation like an assassin would, and i love how Christian and Starr got so close, i was almost going to skip to the part where they confess their feelings! (But i was patient, surprisingly)

To read my complete review on Starr Fall please visit my blog (link in bio)
I would definitely recommend this YA/ Romance series to anyone who loves reading romance, assassins, romantic assassins 😅💜
I would like to thank @earlybookishbirds for introducing me to this book and @kimbriggswrite for sending me this book to read! 💜I can’t wait to binge read the 2nd&3rd book tonight! 😍
Also, I am honored to be accepted by @kimbriggswrite for her Starr street team!😍💜 thanks for the amazing opportunity Kim you’re the best! ❤️💃🏻💜


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