Review: Dividing Eden

Book: Dividing Eden

Author: #joellecharbonneau @joellejcharbonneau

My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5

The story starts with twin brother (Andreus) and sister (Carys) who are really close. When the queen was about to give birth to the twins, a seer (fortune teller) predicted that one of the child is cursed. They assumed its the brother because he has ‘asthma’ which highlights his biggest weakness. The brother is very intelligent and loves taking part in all activities in making their town better. The sister is very smart and strong as well; she vows her life on protecting her brother against the people and swears on keeping his curse a secret. Under unfortunate circumstances the king and the oldest prince die suspiciously among their own army men. The queen who is then supposed to carry on the reign goes crazy after the death of the king. Now one of the twins are to be chosen to wear the crown. The sister happily steps back and allows his brother to take the place. But the court has a different opinion. They set up a competition for the twins to prove who is worthy of the crown. In the midst of this they know they are not to trust anybody in the castle. Nobody is faithful. Somebody in the castle killed the king and oldest prince. Someone is plotting their death too. The relationship of the twins is tested on many levels. Who will fall? Who will win?

The book started off really slow, it took pace around chapter 10 or 12, i loved the relationship of twins but i started hating Andreus because i felt like he was too immature to choose between right and wrong.

However i liked how the book turned out in the end. I will definitely read the sequel when it comes out! 💕
Recommended for anyone who likes fantasy fiction novels based on crowns and reigns.

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