10 facts about me #gettoknowme

Hey guys! Since i’m new on #bookstgram i wanted to do a small intro about myself 💃🏻💕So here are 10 facts about me that will really help you get to know me better:


1️⃣My Name is Ramsha and i’m 20 years old.
2️⃣I’m Pakistani 🇵🇰 but i was born and raised in UAE 🇦🇪 yet i still don’t know Arabic (shame) 😅
3️⃣I love phycological thrillers, romance, mystery, crime fiction and fantasy novels! LOVEE! ❤️

4️⃣I like coffee and tea both. Cold coffee more than anything! ❤️

5️⃣So far i’ve only made two friends on bookstagram @thebookierookie and @earlybookishbirds thanks for making bookstagram more amazing by being in it! 💕
6️⃣I prefer paperback books over ebooks because i just like to keep a collection of every copy ive ever read! 🤷🏻‍♀️
7️⃣My favorite series as of now is ‘The Flash’ 😩❤️
8️⃣I also love collecting bags, makeup, coasters, bookmarks and cute and weird pens! ❤️


9️⃣I really really want to write a book someday! And I definitely will with a bit of help! ❤️


🔟Lastly, I love making friends people! I wana know everyone on bookstagram community (hard but not impossible) so feel free to drop by for a chat! .


That’s all guys! (For now) i’m a big chatter box btw 😅 now i want you guys to do the same tag #10factsaboutme and let me know down below so i can like and comment! 💖

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