The hate you give by Angie Thomas

Book: The hate you give

Author: Angie Thomas @acwrites

Publisher: @walkerbooksya

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


. ““Hello.” My voice changing already. It always happens around “other” people. Whether I’m at Williamson or not. I don’t talk like me or sound like me. I choose every word carefully and make sure I pronounce them well. I can never let anyone think I’m ghetto.”

A story about sixteen year old Starr who struggles living two different lives; One at her posh high school Williamson and other at her poor neighborhood. But her live turns upside down when her best friend Khalil is murdered in front of her very own eyes. Will she raise her voice to get justice for Khalil? Or stay silent in fear of getting her life risked?

The topic chosen by Angie Thomas was so strong and was interpreted even strongly. Black lives matter has always been a very essential topic since the beginning of time; this book does a great job spreading awareness in a strong, compelling way.

I loved how the writer expresses all the relationship throughout book; the father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister, uncle-niece and even a loyal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Felt connected to every major character along the way, sobbed and giggled at the same.



I would highly recommend this book, it’s a must read, grab it while you can 🌸



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