Secrets by Freya North

Secrets by #freyanorth pulished by @harpercollinsus My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The book starts of with Tess and her baby girl Em who show up on Joe Saunders door step with her belongings immediately after he posted a request for a long term house-sitter.

Although Joe doesn’t mind Tess house sitting his house while he’s traveling, he does wonder what secrets she’s been hiding when he sees her crying alone at night one day. They both gradually start liking each other and thats where the cute love plot begins. The curiosity, the jealousy and the the bitter sweet love.


Overall, the story is slow paced with lots of history on the small town the story is based in, filled with sexy, couple-ish romance and lots of drama.The book is a complete package for anyone who loves romance and drama. Its sexy, dramatic and a page turner.

The book ended with an utterly satisfying conclusion for anyone who shipped Tess&Joe. The story was complete and I definitely see myself recommending it anyone who likes a drama/romance genre.

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